Saturday, 11 February 2012

You and Me

I pretend to be alone,
but I am woven within you;
you irritate me a lot, at times
and yet influences me by bounds.

You are scezophrenic, I bet.
The way you confuse me,
by your care and cruelties
and By your love and hatred.
Your hands are smeared with blood.
Your eyes reflect many pity faces.
Yet it is from you, I heard
stories of compassion, bravery and honesty.

I feel at home, at times
and yet I shiver and tremble,
in the uncertainties you offer.

I wonder if I can change you
it’s me, a simple me,
well within the norms that define me,
yet sometimes fails those norms.
Then I blame it on identity crisis
I wonder if I can change you.
But it is me a simple me
and you are boundless
as much as the norms that defines you.
When you fail, the limits are boundless
tears of blood and devastated hopes.
It’s identity crisis again, identities torn apart, you and me.
It’s the same me, the simple me
a vital part of you, even when I don’t wish to be, at times.
It’s grim to be clueless,
clueless about the prospects of being me.

There must be a point of time,
where we can mirror each other
and change ourselves for the better.

Me is just me and the you here is the society where I live.


  1. Wow.. its such a beautiful thought.
    Amazing poem.

  2. Thanks for being part of Fireblossom Friday!

  3. As I was reading, I thought of my relationship to the world I see. Powerful, Insightful. This poem will join my favorites as it reminds me that love and co-dependency in the larger issues echo those in relationship.

  4. Sometimes that confusion can get a person down. Your final 3 lines hold much wisdom.

  5. This is packed with introspection and wisdom. I like the way to mashed the last few stanzas together with the refran and one rambling thought process.

  6. This is one of the best poems I have come across...beautifully portrayed the contradictions! Lovely :)

  7. I appreciated this even more once i read your explanatory note and stopped thinking of it in terms of a person......yes, society impacts us profoundly...but I love the note of hope at the end - where we change ourselves for the better - which then would change society as well.Interesting topic!!

  8. learning that "you" is the society where you live makes it all the more powerful ~ for you cannot escape it unless you move, and it would still be difficult to "unlearn" the way you grew up, no matter where you lived.

    thank you for sharing this ~ it feels very personal and painful. truly effective poem!


  9. Confusion comes and there are times we can't seem to find our way to clarity. You ended it with such wisdom. Beautiful piece!

  10. "I wonder if I can change you" ..... It never works the way you plan.

  11. Your reflected verse plays with the image we project and see, yet we are more than two view! We are many....
    This was really contemplative and unique...I enjoyed it

  12. There're some deep truths hiding inside those last lines about compassion and love. Well done, Sreeja!

  13. A universal truth in that last stanza and a position we can all identify with no matter who we are. Loved it!.