Saturday, 24 March 2012


Here I am, among this that and them
and so I am flying miles through thoughts.
Three dimensional or twelve dimensional
touching souls who are awake in my journey
and back to where I am lying lazy.
Right in front of me is that old pen
A gift from someone gone long ago
love and trust binding me to the pen
and a world beyond this three dimension.
Here I am sitting writing and beholding
the second when you read and know me
I know you are connected with me and
my pen and that world beyond…………
We are one, not me and you, but
every thought that beholds love and trust
and makes us what we are as souls connected.


  1. Yes, we are all connected with those whose treasures we have in our lives... and also with those whose poems we read here, aren't we? I AM connecting with you here. Here's mine so you can connect with me as well:

  2. I feel the connection of the pen and paper and our thoughts. And yes, every time we read, we are connected with the writer ~

    Nice to meet you ~

    1. so nice of you and happy to have you here.

  3. Lovely.
    Yes we are all connected at a deeper level than on the surface of our lives, the trouble is, not too many have woken up to it all.
    Great use of the prompt.

  4. I like the connectedness of ...this that and them!
    thankyou for the visit to my blog...nice to get to know you.

  5. of the blessings of this connected world is that no matter how far apart we are, our words and thoughts bring us together when we free them to fly...and are open to catching others...smiles.

  6. The feeling of being connected to folks around the world (through our blogs)is satisfying and exhilarating. Great poem.

  7. Love the deeper meaning within, "touching souls who are awake in my journey."

    The lemon-bursting brightness of this blog is refreshing and your photo speaks of a place my heart connects with, too.


    1. Thank you so much and I am happy you took that meaning there....

  8. Minds make magical connections, disregarding time and space... How right you are...