Friday, 23 March 2012

Wings of colors

Misty shades of twilight,
Gifted me wings to fly.
Leaving the weight, escaping gravity
Swaying up and down mystically
Changing colors with seasons
That crossed memories of ages,
Timeless fly, like clouds, grey and full
From deep within roused melodies
That longed to rain, rain upon green.
Songs of colors, changing hues
And my wings changing colors
Colors of emotions that painted me
Filling each second of stories
Saturating to be white, white,
White, pure and full
Giving wings of colors………


  1. Replies
    1. raw.....materials....of..ur..dreams...surrounded by.........u...r,,,,bloooooooooooooooming,,,towards....readers....cooly. gud.

  2. First visit to your site. Beautifully written. I especially like " Colors of emotions that painted me". Visiting from Poetry Pantry.