Tuesday, 24 April 2012

In his own minds womb

(Pic from Magpie Tales)

Right in the lap of nature
well immersed in his own minds womb
tied by his whims and fancies
he lies tempted, not knowing
the endless world of happiness
lying deep in the soil, the seed
that needs pure tears of heart
and honest deeds of mind
to flourish and stay as a cool shade
for every soul that comes tired.
He lies tempted, not knowing
the bliss of being the purest soul,
he lies tempted, not knowing
it takes just a wishful awakening
to break free...


  1. Yes, indeed. We have to want to change or, we just stand still where we are and make no progress.
    Beautifully said Sreeja. :)

  2. lies in the cool shade, and also in water...so i'm sure he's not very hot.

    does he want to break free?

    apollo and the two muses

    1. He is not hot, he is lying tempted by his own fancies....to know life more he has to break free....he has to become the cool shade where others too can rest.....that is my own fancy about life....thanks zongrik for the visit...you made me think to craft poems more powerfully..

  3. Ahh, i went into a sort of suspended animation reading this Sreeja , thanks.

  4. This speaks to me in a spiritual way. He only needs the willingness it seems.

  5. Beautiful thoughts in this poem Sreeja....love your blog! :-)

  6. Good stuff.. Loved it entirely..