Friday, 8 June 2012

As good as it can be..

(Pic from Magpie tales)

Green, red, purple and as many as there can be
round, long, flowery and as many as there can be
delicious for taste and sight as good as it can be.

Some for your eyes and some for your heart
some for your brain and some for your taste
and yes it is health who is the king, utmost.

You think parlours and you think trendy cloths
but on sugary body and pot bellies of full fats
caricaturing for artists will be more fun than looks.

Life can be as fresh and colourful as it can be
as flowers and fruits and plush green can be
as crystal clear our hearts content and goodness can be.


  1. Nice! It is almost a song!

  2. I agree with Izzy! Your words are lyrical.

  3. I agree with Izzy ... the tune to 'I Can Sing A Rainbow' would fit nicely with your words.

  4. I like that health is king ~ Nice share ~