Thursday, 14 June 2012

A truth forever

From unknown to caring fluid
taken care for everything known
 the hard passage to safe hands
life blooming each day
if eyes are wide and heart is open
it offers lessons valuable.
To breath in and out,
to fill and empty your tummy,
yes every mortal does this,
but to see beyond vision
and think beyond self
and act beyond task,
its almost high as dreams and
touching as rain
and truly a life by the immortal,
the truth forever.


  1. Mortals are self-centered, because they have limited time to live their lives, for the immortals that's not the case...their legacy remains long after they are gone...but the question still remains...can mortals become immortals? or are immortals born as immortals, well aware of their power and strength long before we get to know about them better?

    1. let mortals know the immortal...

  2. There is so much more to we humans than we can even begin to know. No matter how old we are, we are all still children when it comes to spirituality, and learning about the deeper meaning of life, the universe and our spiritual place in it. This is deep, spiritual, and shows growth in so many ways, which is what life is all about, really.
    A lovely read Sreeja :)

    1. are so right....

  3. Wise words... people need to realize that we're all human, all 'uniquely' the same.

  4. This is have challenged me to go beyond who I am to be who I need to be.

    1. I am honored much more...:-) thanks.

  5. Very mysterious! And thank you for continuing to visit my blog!

  6. Your words are wise and true!