Tuesday, 31 July 2012


(Pic from Magpie Tales)

She was virtue embodied
He was sin exaggerated
She left him with a promise.

He always kept his hood on
as he was afraid of the light on
that burned his conscience. 

   He stuffed all his misdemeanors
In a pot of soil; abandoned maneuvers,
that he geared for gains.

It started stinking, with seconds and minutes
He planted sweet smelling jasmines
Alas! It withered painfully.

He scribbled on the wall
He waited for the plant to be full,
with flowers of fragrance.

His pain grew into confusion
His dog watched with an emotion,
that tailed his confusion.

He and his faithful waited
If evils could be grated,
to nothing and no stinking.

He scribbled, maybe she will come
On a day, when the plant will bloom
With his virtue unearthed.

He kept his boots apart
Touched the soil and trained the mutt,
to breathe in fresh air, life!


  1. There was ope that he would turn again back to the light, I like that. Like the description of the earth in the pot stinking too, vivid picture of nastiness there :)

  2. I enjoyed the first two stanza especially - I think they could almost have stood on their own - enough said? :)

  3. Lovely writing ... like all your posts, this one too leaves a mark on my mind ... well done Sreeja :-)

  4. very nice....opposites attract...smiles...i feel for him a bit because it feels like he hopes to turn around...for her sake or others ...i hope his virtue does bloom...

  5. Your poem is so vivid, and reaches deeply into the artist's painting, from the hood to the dog and all between, oh to know that true story of why he tossed one boot into the picture! Great writing, thank you!

  6. you got me from....He was sin exaggerated...great!!

  7. A lot of emotions here...I felt the burden of waiting and his desperation ~

  8. This story is pregnant with hope!

  9. I really loved the first three stanzas; they have some deep emotions written with a lovely touch. Nice write! :)

  10. So much depth in this Sreeja!....I am with Ninot....this is pregnant with hope....:-)

  11. Nice one with hope at the end. That is more important in the contemporary world of all pervading nastiness.

  12. At least he can still hope for that fragrant flower.....All is not lost, yet....I espec. loved the line 'he was sin exaggerated'.....I can label some people with that now! lol

  13. I guess misdemeanors do not make good fertilizer, though they might do for graffiti. This poem accelerates as he tries desperately to cover up his past, but in the end, he must spend a while with his dog and learn while he teaches. Neat poem.

  14. The trick is to keep breathing!

  15. I too like how there is so much hope at the end of the poem and how the dog helps his master to keep the hope alive. Although I cannot get a stinking plant to grow either, well except the weeds, very confusing sometimes since I try to take such good care of it.

    Thanks for sharing such a hopeful poem with us for this weeks confusion Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  16. "She was virtue embodied
    He was sin exaggerated"

    wonderful writing!