Friday, 5 October 2012

....on a confusing mirage....

We do trapeze a little unusual way
we have swings that are slippery
and nets to protect that are slightly-
torn, here and there and all-over
do you agree, anyway?
As I walk through the street, there is a shop on right, they sell flesh. Human flesh! Wholly and partly, wholly to those fanatics and partly to those who want to live more, endangering others’. There are many shops, some sell services they are paid for(already), but still runs their hands to the pockets of those who are in need. I thought education as a slowly evolving noble way of life where man reaches a space where no narrow paths remain any longer, but it is being sold in shops! So it is commodity and so will be jobs. Yes jobs, you need one to make both ends meet, it’s too, a commodity. So do your trapeze to make a safe way out.
No, never agree, agreeing is rather boring
its fine when we discuss and disagree
or disagree and discuss, every conflicting
ideas and theologies, life has many degrees,
Why then stick to one notch and blind,
a wide panorama?
Yes we debate on everything under sun every day. Intellectual warfront with brainstorming word plays greet your grey cells from morning till night. The starving fools are still starving and whistling pipes are still yearning for that gush of water. Laws are full proof and committees are hard working to make amendments. I think we are schizophrenic, we here yell from all-around, no it is an illusion, here everybody is content and happy and above all safe with cutting edge-technologies.
The more grey the more scope,
parallels will fight each other
every other nuance has a scope
one end is surely gaining, giants!
They play background music.
The lesser parts are in mainstream, fools!
Show goes on, inevitable.
This drama is going on and will go on; it gets darker with every passing day. Catharsis! Let us enjoy the purification process, as it is a mere life size drama. Here joke comes with teary outfits and no other jokes are allowed.
Should that be stopped?
Jokes are not allowed,
Yes I agree, or not to agree?
Ah, this is unusual acrobatics,
here we can keep dilemmas,
the best part of the show.
Learning acrobatics is recommended, so that we may not fall on gutters of this road of life. Dilemma is part of intellectualism. We can accuse our cerebra and undermine the pricking thorns of reality.


  1. yeah, love this, this just has such beautiful shiny sharp teeth. great diction, great narrative, hyperbolis (sp) and surreal... and i think i know how you feel, here frozen on my tightrope.

    very well written (this is why i love prose poetry, stuff like this)

  2. you weaved this with such ease and expertise...the wordplay...the nuances...the jibes...awesome write...

  3. Wow ... you are the Queen of Words, Sreeja ... well done !!!

  4. This is such a dark, deep look at what is really happening in our world now. It seems the whole world, or a lot of is is suffering some type of insanity. Instead of advancing, we seem to be going backwards for all of our new technology.
    Some gripping imagery and ...Great writing Sreeja!

  5. smiles...yes we have much to learn of acrobatics in this life....really cool piece, i like how you have broken it up, and you know me, i love playing with words so it was right up my alley...smiles.

  6. I like the conflict and parallels of dilemmas ....just a little for me, but not too much drama on real life ~ I save that for the tv soap opera ~

  7. An interesting write, Sreeja. Indeed, I think we all need to learn some kind of acrobatics.....mental we bend and turn our words and form poetry. I liked "dilemma is part of intellectualism" and will have to ponder that a bit!

  8. "Intellectual warfront with brainstorming word plays greet your grey cells from morning till night."

    This is my favorite of your poems so far! The link of grey to grey, the entire circus staging of life--trapeze, debate, melodrama, acrobatics, the foregrounding of dillema, more celebration and rumination than complaint--oh wow, Bravo. I'll re-read this many times.

  9. ha..the show goes on and on...and we trapeze in an unusual way indeed..and somehow hope no one falls off the write sreeja

  10. Your use of words like chapter headings works really well here. The stream of consciousness/prose heightens your thematic elements, really drawing me into a state of rumination. I noticed than many poets, in response to this prompt or prose poems they'd written in the past, use questions. It seems to lend itself to questioning in a way poetry doesn't. You bring up a lot of vital and interesting points. I really enjoyed thinking about them and the way you chose to present them, great work!

  11. Nicely done, sreeja! A clever way of piecing them together and taking a whimsical approach to a serious subject! Wonderful!


  12. love the form and the content!!! wonderful write!