Tuesday, 6 November 2012

En-route unknown.

Masks, syringes and gloves playing on my vision;
Icicles pricking every cell in brain, spreading numbness,
Letting me lose all my weight and obscuring my vision.

Wings were slowly emerging, taking to heights,
it is strange here, a shop of garments, no, many!
 Yes, only textiles here, sparkling ones to rags.

Are they abandoned? No owners in sight,
naked shoppers floating in search, they are many,
nobody returned in from the shops, am I right?

Eerie feelings crawled like snakes, so many disappear-
ing from the shops, yes I am quite sure, it’s so strange,
are the garments gulping them down to nowhere?

Price tags on the garments, shining more than the garments;
‘Your karma’ etched and scribbled names on price tags,
they search and possess and strangely disappear in garments.

This one looks so familiar, yes I like this and my name on it!
Should I keep this? I am tempted, a tug-of-war here,
the weightless me and this garment with my name on it.

It is engulfing me in, wings are broken, lot of chaos
Pipes pulling out of my throat, people handling me,
It’s so strange, my numbness letting me no response!

I am here in a green bed in a white room, walls staring!
Shadows, only shadows exist now, tossing me across
the thin lines of being and not being,  mind hanging!


  1. I love your words Sreeja ... they flow like colors on a canvas ... brilliant !!!

  2. I feel fear in this poem and confusion and claustrophobic. You have created a poem with atmosphere!

  3. I sense a feeling of being in limbo with what will be .....an uncertainty of what the future may hold....your words have brought those feelings to life Sreeja!

  4. This one made me feel anxious..intended I think..lol. It strode to the edge and jumped off, full speed ahead, next stop, the ground. Nice work.

  5. marvellous imagery, very overwhelming in approach!

  6. ..that last stanza is full of fear and worry. Certainly hope this is not YOU!

  7. O. I recognize this world! I was there at age 12, a coma of Hepatitis in which I escaped from the medical confusion. It hurts to come all the way back, but it is worth it, and I see this narrator has lived to describe it (?)

    Very vivid and true.

  8. Wow, this is full of visceral image and color. I like the height and the snakes and the space and the war and the inward emotion. I'm left with many questions...very intriguing. :)