Saturday, 24 November 2012

The road

I love this stretch, the long black one
Here life turns every second, on-
Wheels and on tired and vigorous limbs.

Once we walked together, silently
Your scribbling on air built my fantasy
I lived many a life on wings and clouds.

Time flied like vultures with prey
They never returned my fantasy-
World, your scribbling popped out.

This road stretches long, the same one
I walk here alone silently, timeworn-
Memories, they lay as fossils, immersed.

These roads, they have unrelenting stories
Grained in their coarse bed, sleeping stories
We are together, silently, always fossil-ed in time.

I love this stretch, this long black one.


  1. smiles...there are points on the road of life i enjoy more than others as well, they each have plenty of stories....and we walk it...smiles

  2. Wow! What a powerful road poem! What a horrible loss! "unrelenting stories" perfect. "fossil-ed in time" absolutely! I have read the book, so feared the movie--but saw that too, and this is so right at the loss of a world, of a parent . . . I will keep this poem forever!

  3. Beautifully written .... loved it !!!

  4. I know that road, trying to find my exit to a new one though. The unrelenting stories are hard on the tires. Nice job. Thanks.

  5. Beautifully written! "Road" is a great metaphor for life's journey. Heartfelt emotions and vivid images in your poem.

  6. Very nice!! I love the repetition of "I love this stretch, the long black one" at the beginning and end of the poem! Made me think about roads in a new way!

  7. Some roads are welcome to walk long too, if they are shared, aren't they.
    Lovely poem.

  8. As long as you take a stretch down the right one.

  9. beautiful, sreeja! i love the impact of repeating the first line as the last! really, really lovely write!

    thanks so much for joining in at Poetry Jam!


  10. Life's road keep on going (until the end) and it is great to have the stretches you love!

  11. The fossils immersed in the road...powerful image!

  12. We all have at least one such reason to say, "I love this stretch, this long black one."

    Beautifully written, Sreeja! Ahh! It feels soo good to be back... well, not completely back but I can at least take some time out to read your brilliant work. :)


  13. I like the title of the book you chose ... like your poem too!!

  14. Sreeja, an perfect poem for that title--love that line "grained in their coarse bed" Very well written! :-)

  15. I wonder if that is why they call it a long whindy road because when you are sharing someone else's road then yours entwines with theirs, and when it is straight then you are alone. I guess that some memories would be fossilized over time and others are just forgotten. I think I read this poem over ten times learning new things each time. It was a beautifully written poem. I really enjoyed it.

    Happy Theme Thursday and may you have a fantastic week

    God bless.

  16. beautiful poem! Many roads in life, love that this one has a stretch of love in it!

  17. Memories lay as fossils, immersed...

    the imagery here is beautiful!

  18. Today it seems other poets have turned to memories, too, as you have so well in this poem. Beautiful.