Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What if I die tomorrow?

What if I die tomorrow?
I think this with my open eyes;
a crowd of mourning tomorrow
will gather and mutter things,
good and only good about me
even if they don't care about me, today.
When they leave after the mourning
people with whom my life is tied
will stay back, now my eyes are shut
for they have no courage to see
two little faces searching for me,
and the faces I love most, but
they may fill the void eventually.
My soul will be haunted with the promise,
I made to those little hearts
to be with them on all odds
to recite stories at night
to embrace them in secure bosom
when they feel bitter;
to scold them with love
when they dither
and stray away from my love,
to make them owners of an honest life.
What if I die tomorrow?
I shudder at this thought
for who will then know
every little thoughts from
those tender hearts, strongly
entwined with mine?


  1. how you manage this everytime Sreeja, you every word echoes my sentiments. My love and hugs to your kids!

  2. I Love this. We all wonder what will happen if...
    but, I can see your two little faces are already being taught the 'way'
    I love 'to make the owners of an honest life' I think it's what most parents wish for their children. This is so full of deep, deep love. Your connection/bond to them is unbreakable, always.
    Beautiful poem Sreeja.

    1. Thank you so much Bren... you are right its what every parent wishes...

  3. the hardest thought in this for me is leaving behind those little ones that depend on me...and how they will live in the hard to think on....

    1. the most hardest of thoughts... may this be a bad dream...till they are grown up and independent...

  4. fearless of death when young, fear when children come, some again give up their fear when the children are clearly independent and safe-enough

  5. Lots of unknowns expressed so openly... and yep, the kids I'd worry about...

  6. This definitely is a 'mother's poem.' Mothers want to live to see their children grow know how hard it would be for children to lose their mother.

    Beyond the mother aspect, I was struck by the earlier comments....when a person dies everyone gathers and says good things. I have seen this many times. But the deceased does not hear these words. One can hope that the same words were said to the person when he /she was alive and when it really mattered to the person. But unlikely. That is such a sadness to me, and I keep trying to remember to say the words to people now; and I would hope the same for myself.

    A thoughtful write.

  7. that is def. a thought that is frightening...even though my kids are not that small any more..but still...would be hard to have to leave them behind...

  8. This was very affecting and beautifully expressed.

  9. It's a scary thought...but it gets better as they've captured a universal parental fear very well..thanks