Thursday, 20 December 2012

A walk

A lonely path, a lazy cat on the side, mulling.
 As I put foot by foot, the midday snooze still pulling
back, the lazy limbs.
 Swaying leaves and silent dogs
looking from their sleepy eye corners, pulling
back my lazy limbs.
But the breeze haunting,
 makes my eyes starry, old melodies flowing
to the corners  of smiling lips,
 a walk in siesta.
Swaying hands and dreamy eyes, waking up in horror;
the old lady and the huge cow, its rolling eyes and
winding steps,
 this little gate opened my shelter.

As I leave this aisle to the wide national highway,
life change colors like that chameleon  up there.
Traffic jams and horns, pipeline works and blocks,
Squeezing, rushing ambulance, three and four daily
through this rush hour road,
 and the rest of the world,
scrolling through the chores  as the wheels keep
rolling on the road;
 half an hour walk and lots of stories.
Way back,
two little kiddies have more stories, vibrant,
wakes the sleepy aisle  and a smile
on all faces we pass,
and so,
 the one hour of life daily, on road,
keeps linking, the other side of life
to the less happening life inside the
                                            four walls.


  1. very well written! You are an amazing poet, mundane life brought alive by a master stroke.

  2. It does feel so! I liked the way you presented it, Sreeja. Thumbs up! :)

  3. like your ending - a walk outside does bring life to our days if that is the only chance outside.

    1. Yes, especially when it is a walk and not the car ride... :-)

  4. I walked the walk with you. It sounds noisy, lively, and full of teeming life. You made home sound boring. Lol
    Nice to know that even half way across the world, we do the same things. I smiled when I read about us walking part way with the kids to the school bus.
    Lovely read Sreeja :)

    1. Lol... home is not boring, but when all leave for school and office and I am left behind it is slightly boring.
      Really interesting thing about that walk, may be I will think of you now, during those walks...
      Thank you :-)

  5. it is cool to walk together and share stories....and i like the side road much better than the highway...ugh....the traffic jams stress me out...ha....i like your use of sound as well...and the lazy cat....smiles.

    1. thank you Brian, traffic jams are really suffocating... this lazy cat looks at me seriously, daily... I wonder what she thinks... :-)

  6. i enjoyed very much this walk with you this morning, Sreeja. It is so much fun seeing one another's sights, isn't it? Since we cannot walk together in person, it is nice to be able to walk together in poetry. I liked being able to view the peacefulness as well as the busy-ness of your area.

  7. That's it Mary, we all walked together... how very interesting, isn't it?
    Thanks a lot...

  8. Nice walk! I especially enjoyed your first stanza...the lazy cat, the lazy limbs, the mulling, the sleepiness...lovely ambient effects.

  9. This poem was fun to read. It has a good sense of moving from place to place, each with its different mood. Neat that you find the time and motivation to walk an hour a day.

    1. Thank a lot... and it is fun to have that walk. :-)

  10. amazing how different two areas so close together can be, isn't it? great take on the prompt, sreeja!

    thanks for joining in at Poetry Jam!


  11. Thanks a lot Dani, the side ways that leads to the inner roads and areas are sometimes really different from the areas around the National highway... :-)

  12. I feel so good whenever I read your poems ... they enrich me :-)

    1. Ah, that's real award for me... thanks a lot Amrit...

  13. A real rhythm here, the vibrancy of life. Beautifully composed. I truly enjoyed this poem!

  14. What a colorful, incredible journey--a real feast of words and images. Nicely done! :-)

  15. I like the different scenes you painted in the first stanza then from the second stanza ~ I live and work in the city so I can relate to the traffic jam and crowded streets ~

    Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays ~