Wednesday, 10 April 2013

#8 napowrimo

Green days, flowed through the webs
Criss-crossed through my velvety existence
Full of life, vibrant, sewn castles upon castles
Made the days green, cool and soothing
Days passed in reveries, my existence
And they pooled, pooled, pooled in,
And turned red, and I wait for wind
Take me; take me yonder, to that little sapling
I’ll turn earthy brown, let me grow once more
Once more through you my little sapling.


  1. You have used the words so perfectly........... Gr8 work

  2. Oh My Goodness!
    From one little photo you create an epic life poem. Beautiful! So glad you participated today, Sreeja! Blessings!

  3. What a gorgeous swirl of sensation and color.......fantastic response to the prompt. You transported me there, into your vision.

  4. I love the subtlety and the sense of diversity this poem portrays...kudos Sreeja!! Very beautiful indeed:)

  5. from red to earthy brown - and back again. I do love nature's cycle.

  6. Love the transformation in this. When autumn leaves turn color, it's actually their 'true color.' They hide behind chlorophyll production all summer long, then burst forth in an all-too-brief swan song of shades.

    Found you at Poets United. My poem is about race, and it's still with good will and solidarity. About people's perceptions... Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

  7. You described nature's cycle so well with your words!

  8. I really enjoyed the colorful journey you took in this poem. Lovely.

  9. A clever colour of life circle... :)