Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Newspaper flutters as my fan sings a lullaby,
days fly by, like dried out leaves, silently.
The firefly in the corner moves slowly,
the lizard moves much more slowly;
I shut my eyes to take in nothing
but dark blue .
My fan sings the lullaby,
 mind flutters up high
in chase of birds, birds that flew away;
horizon stretched far away,
crickets sing of gone days ,
rain rushes in wiping out muddied memories;
my fan sings a lullaby
I have a morning to wake up to.
 Newspaper flutters as my fan sings a lullaby.


  1. Lovely moment, suspended, promising. I have a fan just like yours.

  2. so beautiful..."newspaper flutters as my fan sings a lullaby"