Sunday, 26 January 2014

Early Morning Dilemma

Early morning’s silent roads longing for sky
A dreamy golden sky gazing at pensive trees
As if lost in the golden aura of morning rays
What secrets they exchange in silent notes,
Birds singing in joy, do they share their divine secrets?
I wish to be a bird, flying high in that golden aura
To hear them murmur what Eve and Adam forgot
I wish to sing passionately to evoke untouched love
That never begins and never ends, but pulsates
In every atom bound to the universe

Early morning’s silent roads, slowly waking
Waking to a bustling world full of contrasts
A man opening his shop, caged birds; silent
Beautiful, silent, so silently silent
I wish I never dreamed of divine love
Of singing out loud madly with flapping wings
Up in the sky among trees so pensive, living,
Living in love that emanates from every atom
Love that was silenced with serpentine darkness
The darkness where Eve and Adam were lost

I wish I never dreamed, for dreams are arsenic

Killing you slowly unless you rise up to live the dreams


  1. every time i see a caged bird it makes me sick... they just have to be able to fly - and it would be so cool if we could join them, listen to their secrets and just have fun up in the sky...

  2. Whew. The strong language of this poem is shocking and effective! Are any of us free while others are caged and enslaved?

  3. I wish you a happy new week.

  4. Yikes - well dreams are very ambivalent things you are right--bringing inspiration, escape, and sometimes unreachable expectation -- you have captured that here--k.

  5. you def got both sides of the coin in this...even when it comes to divinity and how we view it....and life around we appreciate the freedom we have that is lost to others....

  6. Different dreams, I think, cause us to awaken with different feelings. Your two stanzas definitely showed the differences & the feelings they produce in the dreamer.

  7. The contrast is clear here Sreeja. Great language. Keep dreaming however!

  8. Stark contrast... I'm not surprised some choose to stay in the world of dreams...

  9. So beautifully expressed. It's nice to have an escape like that.

  10. Sreeja, this is so full and beautiful. That 'murmur' resonates with me. It's really nice to read your words.

  11. Powerful ... dreams are arsenic ... wow ... now. that's some writing :-)

  12. Hello! Feel free to watch my new photo album. I greet and wish you a beautiful weekend!