Friday, 25 July 2014

Puzzle continues

An owl on the branch
 keep calm and a morose face;
down in the valley many plays,
 where blood flows turbulent
mountains grow high, on skeletons;
deaf, blind, and mute
intelligent apes with big calculations
cutting the branches they sit on
fighting for what seems life;
but life is a scapegoat
with no aim and no reason
where flowers bloom and die
and birds still fly free and nest on cement trees too
where greenery still holds on, a vain hope.
Intelligent apes with big calculations,
calculations, calculations, high on calculations
that they strangle infants and kids
to gain on life,
Life? Life?
An owl on the branch
 keep calm and a morose face


  1. Oh, I don't want to think that life is a scapegoat with no aim and reason. I'd rather look for purpose. But I suppose there are times in a person's life when one feels that way. Nicely metaphroric, Sreeja.

  2. thank you Mary....but isn't whats happening around us....sadly......

  3. This is beautiful, profound and beautiful. We need to face the reality of life and not deny its darkness. Because we all play a part in it.

  4. the birds nesting on cement trees makes me sad... i kinda like cement - but it has to be balanced with nature in a wise way

  5. Darkness is indeed part of life but hopefully there is more to it than no aim and no reason. I liked the image of the owl with the morose face though. I feel like one sometimes myself.

  6. Wow...this packs a nice punch. There is definitely some interesting visuals in this piece. The skeletons and the cement trees really weigh heavily.

  7. I like the wise one's observation and the helplessness painted in the face....

  8. Real, gritty and powerful. Very good read.

  9. The world has turned violent of late ... we all need peace :-(

  10. oy, i hope that life is more than a scapegoat...that there is purpose and reason to times it can feel otherwise...there is a heaviness to this...a questioning that comes in those challenging moments...

    you must have written this while i was on vacation...smiles....good to see you today.