Tuesday, 16 September 2014

No "no" to life....

rain washed, guzzled a luminous evening
as night slowly mellowed to a new dawn;
she gazed on clouds to douse, satiate
mid days blistering memories

the city was alive with noises of life,
she watched a bud playing in the breeze;
she set out on the wet road, afresh,
rain washed street, and light breeze
played with her shiny hair


  1. The poem is beautiful, seeming to record a rain-led recovery. I'm trying to understand the "No" or "No-No" of the title. Perhaps there is a "no" to the harm/memories that leads to a "yes" to moving on?

  2. Life should be 'yes' and not a 'no' :D Beautiful poem :-)

  3. The waters of feeling drew her out ....

  4. Life is always flowing whether we say yes or no....a lovely write Sreeja!