Wednesday, 3 December 2014

losing at winning points

I roam about with the world at my fingers
I taste the whole world from my plate
I wear whatever my mind decides
I am a winner wherever I go
but sometimes I lose my pride
I realize it was a misty fog
that I relished
I belong to a creed
that still believes
that religion, color and boundary
can stand high above
what my name, smiles and virtues
could stand for;
am I a winner or a mere loser?
 Sometimes ghosts of prudence mocks at you!


  1. It's always good to be on the safe side and hold back a little ....perhaps the words winners and losers ought to be replaced by more substantive fighters and loafers??

  2. Ooh, I liked those 'ghosts of prudence' - know them all too well... And I do wish that name, smiles and virtue - and the individual rather than the collective 'race', 'culture', 'nation' - will be truly seen and heeded.

  3. You are a winner! You are a winner in a non-war, as are we all. The belief grows, as in your part two, but through experience we know faith only works by living our truth.

  4. smiles...i would say you are a winner as well....i like how you work in losing as well....losing ones pride is not such a bad thing....

  5. I join those who say you are a winner. I like "I am a winner wherever I go." With that kind of attitude, how could one lose?

  6. I enjoyed the layout as well as the tone of your poem despite the 'ghosts of prudence'.

  7. We learn from experience or ghosts of prudence ~ And if we take those lessons well, we are a winner, smiles ~

  8. Ah.. the human tribal instinct and fear of difference that too can be necessary for survival.. that sets us apart so often in boundaries of difference and culture...and yes religion too that is like culture as well....

    To reason it is the potential ability to rise above the differences that do make boundaries that can be hard to exceed...

    But without to love it.. is without the emoting ability to JUST DO IT as fear and hate and jealousy and greed and envy and all of that per con-social emotion is the old tribal way of instinct to JUST DO IT...AS my friends at Nike say..;)

    Anyway.. never mind me.. i'm just minding here a little.. with a totally free mind..:) and the emoting power of love..:)

  9. A winner indeed.. we have to be winner both at loosing and at winning.. it's about prudence and tolerance.. best winner ever.

  10. I like the moments where doubt sneaks in and you ask the question 'Am I a winner or loser?' I would say a winner for it you were not you'd probably not be writing here.

  11. One need not doubt nor question but good tidings will come our way! It normally works that way! Nice thoughts Sreeja!


  12. So happy to have read all the comments......thank you so much.....every perspective is unique and fine.....hope our world won't be divided over religion and boundaries....

  13. Looks like my first comment is gone - I am facing this problem a few times now on blogger - after sending the comment, it just disappears, without telling me whether it succeeded or not.

    I like how you used the inner reflection to talk about a very sensitive issue and bring out the idea behind the prompt so beautifully.

  14. Humility is often hard for the proudest - for the "winners". So many religions and "boundaries' in this world - but we all smile, all love, all are so much alike. It's that humanity we must get in touch with, must recognize in others. You are a winner and such a talented artist - I still am amazed at the photo of mine you painted! So beautiful.

  15. What a thought provoking perception! Loved your poem, Sreeja. :)