Thursday, 16 July 2015

Insight, in search...

I nest an ocean, inside those thoughts
that with which I was born, from thoughts
eternal, to where I belong with no beginnings,
with no endings,

when they dump
their shortcomings, their insecurities, their egos
I worship those rivers
rushing through rocks and roots
carrying all stories of life, of love and sacrifice
and I embrace the rain that showers like love,
and cleanses like the innocence of  little kids.


  1. EXPANSE of now.. LOVELY place with
    no BOUNDS of time or distance
    or space.. an ETERNITY we are
    when we let all those
    illusions go to
    be alive to
    DANCE for
    now is
    a place
    i'll stay too..
    certainly now..:)

  2. "when they dump
    their shortcomings, their insecurities, their egos" we can feel and be part of ALL the flowing, moving universe. I love the ocean being within, the rivers as the tributaries!

  3. Great opening line - I like the thought of nesting an ocean, it mixes elements that usually don't go together but you make it work. We are made up with so much water, there is def a connection there. Hey I am all for people dumping their egos and actually caring about others as much if not more than self. We all have egos -its how we manage them that makes the difference.

  4. Love your opening line and the theme of different bodies of water throughout. Beautiful.

  5. I too love the opening line...I nest an ocean ~ Loving your word list ~