Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Preciuos and Lingering

A plain lingering smell of freshness,
Never touched by any perfume,
But of washed clothes and medicinal soaps
Mingled with the smell of our home;
It’s rare, it’s so rare; you went back
And the room carried the smell a few days,
It’s been violated with strong perfumes
I tried to catch a bit of it near the pillow
And in your washed clothes that were left---
I wait for your next visit---
A plain, soft smell with so strong hold
That it takes me back to childhood;
Nobody will identify, but I,
Making me wonder how you nurtured
Truth in me, how deep you rooted that in me.
I wish I could give this to my kids,
The smell of truth and simplicity.
I don’t know if I have given you anything
But I will hold tight that smell of simplicity,
Hold tight everything that is true,
Never violating it with selfishness.
I don’t know if I have given you anything
But I will hold tight your fragrance;
It’s so rare; it’s so rare my dear parents,
I will hold tight to it, the most precious of all gifts,
 The joy of finding your soul!


  1. Such a heartfelt piece :D beautiful!

  2. Smell of simplicity, smell of 'cleanliness' and almost 'no smell' - I can relate very wellto that. Honest and emotional.

  3. Oh the smell of truth and simplicity! We definitely need more of this in our world. And yes...perhaps the closest we can come to it is the smell of freshly washed clothes. Definitely more lovely to smell than any perfume!

  4. How very touching...the smell of truth and simplicity ~ You reminded me how strong those roots are ~ Happy New Year to you ~

  5. Somehow I think the smell of truth is that of cleanliness... no perfume but those basic smells only a good home can have... Lovelyl

  6. This is very precious...that you hold so dear the simplicity and truth that your parents instilled in you and that it is remembered with a scent. A touching, sweet poem.

  7. Truth and simplicity, cleanliness, nurturing love. All is so nostalgic and well written. Beautiful!

  8. Smell of Love
    from Birth
    and true..
    a smell of
    miNd and boDy
    soUL.. prime
    giving.. gift
    of parents beyond
    no other.. first smell

  9. This is so filled with love and longing... A precious gift indeed.

  10. This is powerful but smell is one of our most powerful sensations as Proust so eloquently described in his story of the Madeleine.

  11. very emotional..
    nice write
    good luck!

  12. Sense memory is so important in capturing a person...part of their special essence - i am sure it is not true that 'you' didn't give anything in return..perhaps all relationships give and take in their own way

  13. Finding one soul alive in another is a total joy, the little reminders of it in the air that give us a minute together. Thank you!

  14. Very beautiful. And speaking as a parent, you have given them joy and fulfillment simply by being their child. No greater gift.

  15. Straight form the heart! Lovely poem!!

  16. Insightful!! I also think of simplicity as a by-product.... It happens, and by all means they try to hold me secure. Lovely!

  17. I found your poem combining parents, scent and devotion quite moving in its directness, thank you!