Wednesday, 15 February 2017

...every home be (he)artful...

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the last of the stars fading into a secretive land, slowly;
blue and black spilled all over, like paints smeared with artful fingers
morning wind kissing the lemon-sour lips;
hot, sweet and sour lemon tea slowly mixing a yellow tint
reviving thoughts, morning spirit, thoughts that take your eyes to yonder---
a slowly opening sky, art of nature knocking at the hearts,
I blend it with today’s cuisine packed with (he)art, aroma and flavour;
my thoughts are filled with the smell of ironed fresh cloth,
and a slow murmuring sound of TV changing moods and colours---
an artless world out there, no one is spared; it’s a market out there
yet I see from my window homes that wake up to mornings as same as ours;
where do they come from, the heartless merchants of death and mayhem?
when you my dears go out…
spill a bit of love that I blended with your meals, your cloths and your hearts
for I am the mother at home, dreaming an (he)artful world of co-existence
with cupped hands and blessings…

Visit dVerse for more where Lillian asks us to include the word 'heart' in our poems.


  1. This is so well done....the artful home, full of heart...and its description. The shift in description to the outside. And then the mother asking those within to spill the love outside❤
    I'm so glad you posted this in dVerse.... I hope you'll join us often!
    I may just not be seeing it on my phone - but perhaps you could add the tag "dVerse" or mention the prompt and link to the site next time? It adds more readers for your beautiful post and helps others find us to read and post their work. The more the merrier!
    And thanks again - I LOVE this post!

  2. I liked this phrase, "spill a bit of love that I blended with your meals", which links back this line "I blend it with today’s cuisine packed with (he)art, aroma and flavour;"

  3. Loving your mother's heart ~ Yes, spread it far and wide, and share the blessings with others on the way ~

  4. Oh this is such an incredibly heart warming write!!❤️

  5. I really like how you moved the love into those homes where life is lived, away from the world of hate... it's almost like the heart need walls (and I don't mean the border walls)

  6. What would we do without the dreamers? Dream on--for dreaming, like praying, accumulates spiritual & etherial energy & that can lead to positive outcomes. Great poetic perspective & POV shift in this. I like the shape of it on the page too--it's like the spilled puddle of Love.

  7. Thank you for opening our perspective with this well written expression.

  8. Sreeja!! I'm reading your work after so long :) I've always loved your poems and this one falls into that category as well. It's so heartwarming and beautiful :)

  9. The heart nurtured and blessed the homes Yes it had to start from there!