Friday, 10 March 2017

A stupendous World

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i am at a loss of words,
when i see the world
it’s majestic and cold---
mostly, yes, but it’s splendour
stupendous, it’s misdemeanour---
inequality everywhere

redwoods rising high
citrus and maples so elfin
before them, but they too shine;
ocean so vast and ponds so petite;
i do never remember we graded them on that
they are all fine as the way they befit

here when i walk on streets,
bosses sit on cushioned seats,
the workers in rags…
on the floor and nibbles left overs;
loud and showy are heard
shy and modest are ignored;
you need to be in the limelight
or you are an immigrant,
sick, refugee, needy or a victim
you need not put your opinion
you will not be heard

to give a place, to give a chance
takes your chances away or may jeopardise your existence

we are but a group of animals,
a bunch of social animals,
cultured and advanced!

we are a bit different
from animals in the forests;
they are cowards,
only hunger forces them;
we have multitudes of reasons
we attack at all odd times! 


  1. Nice distinction between us and animals in the forests in the last stanza. We do seem to come up with more reasons to attack than they do.

  2. Gayle Walters Rose10 March 2017 at 20:26

    Thank you for such a thought-inspiring poem. Yes, man's priorities are upside down these days and certainly man can act in a way that is way more savage than animals in the forest. Thank you for joining in with your poem today.
    Gayle ~

  3. redwoods rising high
    citrus and maples so elfin
    before them, but they too shine

    Beautiful, beautiful imagery here!❤️

  4. Sometimes I wish we all would hail the cowardice... animals might have it right.

  5. The world is filled by people wanting that inequality to remain ~ My hope is that someday we may treat each one with respect & encouragement ~

  6. Thought provoking work Sreeja as always...

  7. Deep writing and thought provoking