Wednesday, 19 April 2017


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She kept her first steps into the new city. And that night a thundering sound awakened her from the deep sleep, her half-sleepy eyes wandered all around, the building wall opposite her window reflected light like fire…her ears got deafened by repeated bursting. A flash of a thought crossed---blast, fire---she ran to her kids’ room. They were sleeping tight. From the window she could see dancing flames of fire. Nothing was clear, the sleep still held her half-conscious mind; she called her husband in sheer fear. He came to her and stared out, “Oh, my God, one of the car parked in the road side has caught fire, I think their water hose is not working properly, the other car and a third one also caught fire.” They both came fully out of their sleep; fire engine’s shrilling sound echoed, finally the fire fighting team arrived. Hard work for almost hours and the fire like a serpent coiled back and vanished. Fire is her greatest fear, a fear that infiltrated in the dead silence of a deep sleep.

Owl hoots through night and
Summer tries to cool down its pangs
Creepy shadows bloom

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  1. I would be afraid of that fire, too, especially if it were nearby.

  2. Fire is a very real fear! Immediate and scary this write is. The haiku wraps it all up wonderfully well.

  3. This set my feelings up and down. Bravo! Nicely done.

  4. Gayle Walters Rose20 April 2017 at 07:53

    Fire is very frightening when it is close by and especially to be awakened out of a sound sleep. You set the stage so well. My mother's heart was right with yours as you ran to make sure your babies were okay.

  5. Scary...I had bad nightmares of fire burning down neighborhoods ~ Good one Sreeja ~