Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Unknown realms

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a black robe gnawing my back neck
sitting obstinately clutching the neck;
 turned my head and saw my rooms, check,
check it all over again and nothing to pick,
silence, except for the clutch in the neck---
fearful memories wear robes so utterly black

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  1. I like how the black robe goes for the back of the neck- typical for fearful back(neck) stabber.

  2. fearful memories wear robes so utterly black....incredible closing line. In Japan the robe would be all pure white - the same thing actually as the black robe. Excellent poem.

  3. Great use of rhyme in this one, Sreeja. Not always easy to share off those black robed memories.

  4. Interesting idea able fearful memories wears black robes.

  5. A powerful image...for me of feelings, knowing that we hold physically. Janice (Ontheland)

  6. Such a beautiful and strong poem. The last line - well done!