Thursday, 5 October 2017

for this i learn day by day

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i smile and they muffled up smiles
for smiles are simple and they majestic
i feel why did i but then i bow
not to them i bow to the soul residing
 the soul is one but one that’s splashed
splashed around for not reasons but joy
and there are bodies who never sense
and thoughts too that i  am here too
i thank the great soul for i sense
everything around and the i in me and you
the joy in me is sun moon streams and stars
i am pebble i roll and i am cloud i fly
i am no small and no big and maybe nothing
i am joy of existence i am learning this day
and all day and i am joy of what i am becoming
day by day for no great reason but because
sun moon stars hills and rivers still exists
and i rain rain and rain to flow

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  1. A delightful exposition of the various forms of self.

  2. "I am no small and no big"--I really like that.

  3. LATE to the reading for these....I did enjoy this one. Most especially the "I am" section!

  4. sreeja happy i am with this reading joy i am especially

  5. I feel such a childish joy in this.. and just as a child the words tumbles like pebbles. Could you say it's giggled words?

  6. I think this is beautiful in meaning and simplicity. To me, it speaks of joy in knowing ourselves and accepting ourselves. Especially like this..."i am pebble i roll and i am cloud i fly". Wonderful, Sreeja.