Monday, 19 December 2011

A noon at beach

Roaring waves, salty wind and this sunny noon
I wish I get some shade to hide from the sun
But no, the waves are  magical, enchanting
The foaming water that comes so high ,eagerly
Falling like one so tired on the sandy beach
leaving like one so depressed by the quest
Taking everything on the way instead
The quest is continuous like a researcher on his subject
This much volume of water, evokes so much inside
Mystery, fear, fantasy and  and much more
Time and tide are endless and fascinating
Like they say waiting for none 
We all giggled and got so wet
It's time now we pack up and go back
Duty calling and hot suns work
Tired and black leaving for home
Taking salty vibrant memories to store.


  1. Hi Sreeja, you really captured this scene well. I could FEEL the sand on my skin from your words.

  2. Hiya sreeja,
    Just what I needed: an infusion of warm/hot/too hot?/ sunshine.
    So inviting and a lovely discussion on time and tides.

  3. A day at the beach is such a memorable thing. But we need to go back for duty calls! Nicely Sreeja!


  4. vacations are good.both for body and mind.and I love the sea.
    and thanks for all your comments!

  5. Time and tide are endless and fascinating

    LOVE this line and your image! Is that near you? Did you take this shot? Great poem, Sreeja!

    1. yup this is near my home..maybe two kilometer....I took the is Thanni in Kollam in Kerala.....

  6. Lovely capture of those magical moments on the beach ~ I will store them too ~

  7. You made me homesick for the beach........sigh....lovely.

  8. Love those salty vibrant memories....thanks for taking us to the beach!

  9. Oh I am so happy that the moments I enjoyed really refreshed all out there too..thank you so much.....

  10. The quest is continuous...

    Yes, big open water does have that effect!

  11. I love the ending and how you keep going~ I so miss going to the salty shore and finding time for reflection~
    What a powerful poem! :D