Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Journey inwards(2)

Deep and layered blue
shallow, deep and engulfing shades
tossing in and out of all shades
and then a lightness grows, peace prevails.
You bet you tossed in and out
but when the winds change
change to dark and fury red
lightness withers away,
it withers away leaving heaviness
it is cold and high, a pinnacle of silence
grows from within, heavy and dark
in and through the eyes rolls out spreading.

Memory, the Rubik’s cube of colors
tricky and fascinating
ages of memory imprinted in colors
it broods inside, burgeoning every second.
Heavy darkness holds and holds and
eventually weakens, withering away
withers, rolling out colors of life.  
A game of changing winds and colors.
Failing and winning memories,
wings of life that never fails
up towards the deep and layered blue.

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