Saturday, 18 February 2012

Mundane scenes

Chocolate brown, black and white with spots;
that little red crown and velvety body,
how they adored the trio,
the trio, that laid eggs for the family.

The chicks ran all around the premises
Picked the vegetable leaves and pulled out flowers from the pot
Papa ran after and said, “Spare my garden”
fed them cereals and all that he could, to save his garden.
Mamma caressed and put them under shade,
when they came for laying eggs.
Kids played and picked them up
and chicks would sit calm for them to play.
Nothing significant, mundane scenes of life

One night, the black one didn’t return to the shelter.
Everybody searched and waited for the hen to return.
Silence brooded, was the pet so precious?
Night passed in restlessness, they knew it would not return,
for nights are dark and full of predators.
A hen is nothing, anyone, anything can eat and leave the waste.
Still foolish prayers were offered and waited with hope.

The night passed and early morning rays came.
Everyone waked with a knock at the door.
A man, “your hen is on top of the tree at my place.”
Tears rolled down, how foolish!
very insignificant, mundane scenes from life.
But something got imprinted in those hearts,
Life is precious, Love is magical and Prayers powerful,
Beyond your prejudices.


  1. Was it not Ghandi who said we can judge a society according to how it treats its animals? I found your tale to be very heart-warming and humane.

    1. Thank you so much...and yes HE said it and how thoughtful is that....

  2. "Nothing significant, mundane scenes of life" is where we shape our morality "beyond prejudices" as you say so fully in this story of three hens and the family who loved them. Your parable is so much more interesting and powerful than simple truth!

    1. Thank you Susan....its great to have met people around you who understands you well....

  3. Very fine powerful Parable as you let "actions speak louder than . . ." and shape that with words and visual images and, thus, "imprints in the heart."

  4. Life is precious! No two ways about it! Mundane happenings may not evoke much responses but when life is involved it evokes lots of emotions. Well said Sreeja!


  5. Yes, this is such a heart warming read. All of life matters, even a chickens. I'm so glad it was found safe. Prayers do work and so does honesty. And Gandhi was such a wise and gentle man.
    A lovely post Sreeja

  6. Life is precious, Love is magical and Prayers powerful,
    Beyond your true and beautifully expressed!