Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You and Me (2)

Sweet stories and a soft lap
a peaceful nap, that I had
and when I woke up
it wasn’t the world envisaged for me
poor blessing hands are sure trembling.

You killed here; you broke out fire there,
you blasted everything somewhere else.
When you do it for greed
I wonder where you were brought up
When you do it out of anger
I wonder if you were cradled with lullabies once
and when you do it blindly
I wonder who gave you the first lessons of life.

It’s only you and me all around
the same you and me
who played, cried and laughed
we had the same thoughts within
butterflies, candies and play pals
and now we are drifted away...

Still, shivering, I extend my hands
if thoughts can sooth out
and breath in colourful butterflies,
sweet candies and giggling play pals once again.

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