Friday, 30 March 2012


A loud note sometimes and colourful too
enchanted, you walk up and up endlessly
life straying out to every side, good or bad
giving insights and guiding through the alleys,
strange and friendly and then clouds of  confusion
a carnival of faith, do I be here or do I be there
a man sits silent with eyes closed, so calm
all the strange gods and all the strange faith
melted and abstracted to a single faith
oh sir give me insight and let me know your faith…
I asked in and he poured out something that touched,
faith in self, self the mirror, the protector and
the commander and where I see my god in person.


  1. This is a very nice meditative quality to it. I am glad you are continuing to post in Poetry Jam.

  2. I like this interpretation of the prompt! And thank you too for participating in Poetry Jam this week with my challenging prompt.

  3. a carnival of faith...i def like that...and nice flow to your thoughts...thanks for dropping in while i was away...i will def be back...smiles....

  4. i swear i commented on this the other day...i def like the carnival of the scene too with the man

    1. Oh thank you so much....the prompt was really thought provoking and it brought out my own insights....smiles.

  5. A lovely wander around your gentle thoughts. Lovely.

  6. Very nice flow to the poem, man searching for an answer and finds it ... melted and abstracted in a single faith ... I like that, thanks for sharing :)