Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The rest of the story?

A merry day of picnic
just laughter and laughter
he came to sell toys
cute and pathetic
he watched our kids play
so eager and taken up
his childish enthusiasm
then remembering something
he coaxed me to buy toys
I may have, I should have
but the security turned him away
he looked on to me………
deep and innocent look
I don’t know his story
yet the rest of the story
haunted me for long
pathetic childhood
his look still haunts me and
the rest of the story…


  1. There is a haunting sadness about this piece. It has great potential but I was desperate to edit it or at least to clarify it as I was confused as to whether the voice is of a mother or a child.

    1. Hai thank you so much for this creative comment...I am so happy. Actually the prompt took me years back to this memory when I was a child but now I am a mother. I wrote it straight to the blog and never read it again..your comment made me think yes of course I will try and post it..do share thoughts.

  2. Maybe he was hoping to be 'taken up' just as the children were.

    I like your conversation with OldEgg. Quite possibly, this can carry the voice of mother and child.

    Really lovely.

    1. oh nice to here from u....that sounds very near to me....

    2. Your blog is delightful.

      Keep in touch!