Tuesday, 6 March 2012

You and me(3)

You relish in abundance
It’s good to see you prosper
but I perceive, the meaning of you
is still not complete
a bigger part of you
is still not prospering.

I remember there is an age old truth
still buried in us
that, what you earn for your prosperity
has four fold duties to perform
consume, lent, payback and give away.
I perceive you forgot the meaning
But still there is a simple truth left
When you take, keep back a portion
The reservoir must never be empty
I toil to keep it away from emptiness
Play your role right, it’s simple
far better from the complicated things,
you get entangled in.

You gain in abundance
you lose in emptiness
the best part of me still believe
your prudence is not lost.
Give and take is the responsibility.

There is a better world for us,
but not for me and not for you.

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