Thursday, 5 April 2012

colours and words

Wash with colours, a stroke here and there
Smudge it and sharp it, shapes do take life
it splashes many colours and fills the mind
Colours that fill a world of joy, like a rainbow
a rainbow that gets you through the colours of life
and makes you put pen to paper
blue or black, words do flow
mere colours and words
taking you through heights and lows
through true and fantasy worlds
mighty tools
to make you think and rise above.


  1. colours and words...great tools to expand our minds and help us to see clearly and yes...rise above...nice.

  2. A delightful way of looking at 'tools' ..

  3. Lovely poem, I like the last line "to make you think and rise above." Yes, art can be a teacher both with words and images, colors of the rainbow bringing joy and knowledge. Nice take on the prompt!

  4. Interesting! I feel as if I am gaining insight into a painter's perspective...nice work; and thanks for linking to Poetry Jam!

  5. It's amazing how many of life's tools are within our reach to help us find our way through it. You've captured this feeling here, of using whatever means there are to help.
    Lovely imagery.

  6. Colours and words do transport - thank you.

  7. a rainbow that gets you through the colours of life

    that is an intriguing thought... Nice poem