Monday, 23 April 2012

A face

(Pic from my photography collection)

Faces all-around
smiling and morose ones too
living and non- living faces
yes those rocks too have faces
a mirror to see each other
but this face draws me in, too much
is it a face or not
yes I see a face there
silent, rich, noble and selfless
a tree full of life, always giving
and protecting
the face of mother nature
touching the heart deep.


  1. nice...i like that you give mother nature a face, this is perfect for earth day yesterday...i rather like the life that comes from trees

  2. Yes, we can see many 'faces' in nature....if we only look closely enough!

  3. I love your giving a face to the natural things around us. If we look they are certainly there--we just have to remember to look more often. The many faces of Mother Nature.

  4. Mother Nature's face is perhaps one of the most beautiful!

  5. Great take on the prompt. Love the way you show the interconnectedness of the world around us.