Saturday, 21 April 2012

A wish

(Pic from The Wish Jar)
Every night my bedside window shuts
the world I reside and opens
the world I cherish;
its wings that take me through
the colourful jungle of fairy tales,
wings of hope dares to dream
dream beyond the boundaries of mortal existence;
fairies that holds the heart
dips it in all colours, moist and saturated,
never burns but absorbs
I hope and wish
a buoyant world of friends
fairies and angels be with me always
giving this world I reside, an aura of the world
I cherish, where magic of love guards the horizon.  


  1. its beautiful <3

  2. I cannot believe this slipped past me! What a beautiful addition to the Wish Jar! Thank you so much and please, excuse my delay in replying. I hope you will add many more to the jar in the future. Beautiful penning! ♥

    1. Oh thanks...........and sure....most welcome.

  3. oh sreeja, I love your vision in life.