Tuesday, 15 May 2012

In the beginning....

In the beginning they were quite aloof,
I was more aloof.
Our eyes collided, but never met;
as if our eyes could never meet.

In the beginning, when they talked to each other;
I used to shut behind my door.
They were aliens with hidden agendas,
and I was the most fussy, in the lane.

In the beginning they were strangers,
And on a day like this we smiled, quite strange!
They talked to me with no hidden agendas,
And I was no more the fussy lady, in the lane.

In the beginning we are all blank papers,
every day we mark our profiles;
profiles colored and marked by our deeds and words.
Now the world is this neighborhood of familiar profiles.


  1. I think it is like that when you are the new person on the block, no matter what kind of block it is, be it in the blogging world, or the street we live on. The same for when we start anything new, a new school for example. We must take that one step and offer that smile you write about and then somehow things change.

    Great poem for this weeks Theme Thursday. Thanks for playing with us and hope to see you this coming TT.

    God bless.

  2. as writers we are blank papers every time we sit down for a new project!!

    when time races like a bullet

  3. This was a wonderful theme for "In the Beginning". We all started out as unknown here and somehow, wonderfully, we have all found friendship and people who write words that speak to our hearts. Great post!

  4. Blank paper..to be filled by words..but words often come from other people..as we become part of their stories too..so hard though..to greet that first face..write that first word..Jae

  5. I loved, "we are all blank papers." We do write our own stories, and the more we share, the more we create community and more connections in this world of ours... Lovely thoughts, Sreeja! Thanks again for stopping by my blog! Peace, Amy

  6. When people first meet they do not reveal but only after they get to know each other. Lovely.

  7. One of the best expressions you have used Sreeja!!

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  9. Small poem, little description, yet so beautiful... deep thought well expressed!