Monday, 21 May 2012

In woods...

Inside dark and thick woods
words took over eyes;
words , nose and hands
but penny is clever
as smell, touch and desire;
                                           invaded every nerve.

This thick labyrinth, where I am lost
is a fake, a fake hard to burst
lost here, trapped in fragile bust
its constant, the longing for real woods,
as sight, smell, touch and desire;
                                                life’s real nerve.

At slow pace through real woods
rubbing against leaves and buds
bare feet on sand and puddles
feeling the air I take and the breeze
as sight, smell, touch and desire;
                                                    life’s very nerve.

Eyes closed, closed against everything around
here inside I perceive, lies woods un-trodden………


  1. There is no greater feeling than being alive with Mother Nature. As humans we're so busy living the rat race life, we forget that we are here to actually experience life, to enjoy it, to 'feel' it. I could feel you in this. Wanting to be apart of it all and then knowing that you are because you hold it within you. Lovely writing.
    I'm happiest in woods or, mostly by any water. :)

  2. I really like the symbolism of the nerve running through the poem.

  3. really like the double meaning of lies in that last line....the third stanza though is just brimming with life, and i really like it...smiles..

  4. Very nice poem. Thanks for sharing with Poetry Jam.

  5. I like the thoughts of wanting for the real connection with nature, life's very nerve ~

    Nice to meet you ~

  6. Very nice. I like the painting of the woods here, especially the third stanza, and hope you get to trod there some time.

  7. Beautifully written in a way to say more than just your words.

  8. This is beautiful, Sreeja. I love the distorted form of the face and everything raw that invaded. Ending with the realization that perhaps, inside of our souls, we may forever dwell in woods.

  9. Hi again. I was fishing around for an email address here and wasn't able to find one. I wanted to let you know that a fun little blogger award was passed along to me and I wanted to pass it your way. If you choose not to carry it on, no big deal. I've enjoyed your words and your art work is beautiful. Hope you'll be in touch.

    Many blessings