Monday, 14 May 2012

sight full blindness

Cradle of love and moonshine of warmth
I am golden with beauty and charm
no, no you are blind you have no sight
his sight is kindled with love and that is the charm
I am groomed by that love and that is the charm

Yes I am no beauty and nor have any charm
millions and trillions of setbacks
no, no he is blind he have no sight
your sight is true with reason and that is right
I am so plain and your reason is just right

Your sight and mine differ
your finding fault with him is natural
but a fish in love’s ocean is blind to light
and so as a flowing river’s vision we all can change
yes, change  to be blind to the extent where love’s insight glitter


  1. It doesn't matter if one is blind to another's faults, as long as they aren't being foolish too, right?
    Lovely piece Sreeja.

  2. "and so as a flowing river’s vision we all can change" Love that line, so very true! Thanks so much for joining in over at Poetry Jam.

  3. a fish in love’s ocean is blind to light...our sight and views may differ, but we all can change and love allows us to see much clearer at times...

  4. Your poem definitely shows that everyone has a different 'sight.' We may all be blind in some way! Nice write.

  5. I like the last line which seems to hold a duality for me.

  6. I love the concluding lines of your poem very much - a wonderful philosophy to be "blind" enough for love's "insight" to light the way. Really wonderful!