Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Can it be weaved?

Blanket of dreams adorning my mortal existence,
I lay here in exemplified dark facts, a bed of thorns
pricking, reminding of the racing realities, scorpions,
the birds of hope above, winged high, distant sounds
morning rays are golden, comes in through the creeks
painful peeling of dreams, reality shows its nails
the coffee brewing, aroma of daily news spreads
hands on daily prompts, scandals, mayhem, abuse
somewhere here was a line, trampled bed of uncertainties,
the line of freedom, where yours begin and mine ends
only mine and only me, lay piled and there is no trace
you, comes nowhere, the line is gone and no trace
truth is well hidden under the bed of pretexts
at night I go to the bed, bed of escape and blanket of dreams
bed time prayer said with hope, immense
oh, give me courage to weave into the world around me, this
threads of blanket adorning my mortal existence
the thread, I got it, in days of fairy tales
let the magic work by parables in every bed of fairy tales.


  1. Magically written ... Each of your poems are so versatile ... love your compositions :-)

  2. Thank you so much.......will treasure this...

  3. So much in this....you brilliantly express the turmoil of life and desire to escape it.

  4. hey different expression! well said :)

  5. hey different expression, well said :)

  6. In every bed of fairy tale...:)

  7. One always has to have hope, and I think we all wish for a fairy tale ending, even if it is only in our dreams each night.

    Many times I wish I would not wake up from my dreams because they seem so real and can be so wonderful, but then other times I want to wake up just to escape the dream. I seem to dream a lot of science fiction dreams and some can be great and others can be like a horror movie. But then I can just dream a nice pleasant dream and those are my favorites, while other times I have no idea if I even had a dream at all.

    Anyway I kinda based this coming weeks new theme on something I read here. I hope you like it.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday, always great to have you play.

    God bless.