Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hidden and lost.

                                                               (Pic from magpie tales)

Dusty, old and smelly
was closed in the cupboard like many memories
Its my cleaning brush going over the dust
making things look new, for eyes
staggered a little over the cupboard, too old
instincts opened the lock
papers filled with words, each having stories of moments gone
eyes wandered to hunt for stories
through lines and in between
life lived and gone as thoughts in time
opened bundles of letters hidden inside
love told and whispered and hold backed
peeped through the words arranged in order
of some one’s life that never got into order
through the corners of my eyes
as dreams of some unknown life
stories reached high and touched clouds
I wish it rain and drench those souls, lost
I huddled in that cool wind that swayed every tree
paper flew all around like wandering dreams
I went after, to catch,
drenched, words were washed away, gone with time
Its wet and cold,  
Like dreams arrested in time,
I shiver for souls lost.


  1. well expressed :)sreeja! keep on writing & smiling always! will have my visit to ur new thoughts :)

    1. Thanks Sowmya...loved your blog too....Smiling....

  2. It is a true wonder to look back on someone else's old letters and paperwork. To see their thoughts and how their minds worked at that time. I felt as if I needed to swipe my hand to move the dust as I read. Your imagery was so good :)
    Really liked this:
    'life lived and gone as thoughts in time
    opened bundles of letters hidden inside
    love told and whispered'

    Lovely writing Sreeja :)

    1. Oh thanks, I understand with great happiness that you enjoyed the writing the same way I enjoyed writing it.

  3. so much to be found in those old letters...the shiver at the end is felt...

  4. You made me shiver at the end...

  5. Oh deep....lovely words to smooth pain and ruffle the things we hold dear to us....lovely words.

  6. Old letters can carry us back to another time and such a mystery about them. Nicely written.

  7. Reading the last lines gave me a pain in my heart. Nice writing Sreeja. When you are finding time for all these. Hats off to you!!
    Keep going the good work!!!

  8. Thank you chechi....when imagination tongs the grey cells it is just 15 minutes that is needed. I squeeze out time to be happy.....with writing...