Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It flows...

Cleaning the slimy tumblers and right through my sink
washing all the dirt and then through all unknown paths to the sea
from my shower  and through all numerous outlets,
you flow, flow and clean.

From my eyes, as salty little version, of that ocean
the overflow of that boundless inner ocean
all my memories ripple here and overflow
yes, you flow and clean.

when it is cold, like my feelings you freeze
when it is warm, like me you melt
you flow like my thoughts free and live,
yes, you flow and clean.

From a glass you quench my thirst
As rain you quench my inner thirst
As river you quench my eyes’ thirst
Yes, you flow and flow clean.

Like life and like thoughts you never stagnate
its death when you stagnate,
cool waves and the meandering flow
yes, you flow forever and clean.

Life is same for every soul, they say,
I wish you be there for every soul, clean
and flow as life, giving sense of your truth ,
you flow, flow and clean.


  1. Quite nice! I liked the flow of it all..


    1. Thanks Vaishali, your comment is precious..

  2. Sreeja,I like your poems. Keep going!

    1. Thanks chechi, happy that u enjoyed...

  3. OMG! speechless with your words...
    i liked how you made your thoughts flow!
    beautiful keep writing & smiling always!:)

    1. Thrilled to have read this comment...