Friday, 8 June 2012

She longs for care

This morning she came to me, my sweet friend ever,
she talks to me, fantasies and things real,
her eyes were wandering wildly, ethereal.
Mona, are you taking pills, regular?
She seems to be lost as in those days, I wonder;
she hears things we don’t hear
she suspects every other person, just fear,
her world dwindles to sleepless nights and fear.
She is sweet and lovely and she care,
for every other life that earth rear
Yet she fears and screams at times, I wonder,
how she can, at the same time be so cruel and tender?
Life’s colors sometimes just scatter,
all around and they hinder,
logic ;
Logic for us and for them differ,
but for both love is same and tender.
she left in her car,
she came just to have, from me, that care,
she longs ;
longs to have from everyone she care,
and she longs and longs forever,
in her heart and the brain that is failing and turning meager.


  1. I wonder,
    how she can, at the same time be so cruel and tender?

    This question and your reflections are so apt...heartbreaking. Great job capturing the essence of this disease.

    1. Thanks.....its really heartbreaking...

  2. sad to see this happening to people we know and often people we love too. Well said Sreeja!

  3. Such a sad and fearful passage. How afraid she must be, to have her reality so changed. Lovely that she has you for a friend.

  4. This is such an authentic rendering of what it's like to descend into paranoia and madness and the sadness that ensues, especially for anyone close who loves and cares ... well done.

  5. This breaks my heart...we see people who suffer from dementia and somehow strop their humanity from them. nice work

  6. Wow, you have captured Alzheimers here. Yes, how can she be so cruel and tender? This seems to happen...and it's scary. Logic escapes them, and yes, they long and long...and long.

  7. Sometimes it is difficult to see two sides to one person due to illness. Very well written.

  8. fear, longing, care . . . care, longing, fear. What can reassure "my sweet friend ever"?
    I feel in this poem more about the narrator and how hard it is to see the changes "so cruel and tender."

  9. I hope that she values how much you care. Sometimes the colors need to scatter in order to find a richer hue. I'm glad that you still see her as sweet and lovely. Your words are full of sadness yet, there is reasoning, logic, and love here. I hope she comes back to visit you.

  10. this was a genuine;y heart felt poem, thank you for posting

  11. To be trapped like this inside a mind that used to function must be one of the most terrifying things in the world! Your poem packed quite a punch, hit right at my heartstrings.

  12. Thanks everybody.....and I dedicate all your good thoughts to my friend to get well.....may god bless her.

  13. Yes, the unsettled news of this disease is certainly captured here. Frightening, really.

  14. Vivid imagery, my friend. Yes, she does long for care. I pray, your friend gets all the love and care she deserves. Hugs from me. xx