Saturday, 7 July 2012

I want that boundary

This table is beautiful, I, on this side and you there
My coffee mug in my hand and yours in your hand reaching for the lips
This evening is beautiful, people walking on their way to destinations,
they prefer, birds on their branches, they chose, beautiful clouds floating.

This evening is beautiful where I see a fine aura around everybody,
unique for everyone, never crossing each other’s, but spreading energy
this evening is beautiful, with all its boundaries, natural, that which I treasure
this gives me my corner to grow up, to see me as me and you as you.

This morning is not that beautiful, the daily told me that you forgot your boundary
Somewhere somebody’s private boundaries where erased, which they treasured
I shudder if we lose those thoughtful emotions to each other, that bind our world,
That gives the beauty I enjoyed that evening, of people walking freely to their destinations,
of birds perching on their own corners, of my coffee mug in my hand and yours in yours.

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  1. This line, in particularly, catches my heart:
    "of birds perching on their own corners"

    This is a wonderful piece.

    de jackson

  2. Thank you so much........'own corner' is so important...

  3. Yes having one's own corner is important for people and birds alike. I enjoyed the feeling of your evening here--lovely.

  4. Lovely piece! We can learn a lot from birds.

  5. I love to visualize the auras people have, not crossing one another's but spreading energy.

    I enjoyed your write!

  6. Thank you so much...I too love to visualize it..when watching positive people walking around.....

  7. I liked the whole piece, Sreeja. It's like the poet is pouring her observations, her fears on paper. The lines connected to the entire thought really well. Congrats on a nice poem written. Keep writing!

  8. Thanks encourage me....

  9. Lovely words, I enjoyed your reflections ~ I like respecting boundaries, even between couples ~

    1. Thank you..and that is an essential...

  10. forgotten boundaries... I like how you bring that to light with a coffee mug! Nice.