Wednesday, 1 August 2012

No regrets.

On the corner of the bench;
 A girl mute and her hands that clench,
With each sharp looks from the mentor.
Her smart friends, cool and candor.

She mixed fantasies with practicals;
Her lessons were tutors words and lectures,
Her hands slow and wit a bit low,
Her notes were blank and below.

Equations and theories were her enemies;
Sums would summon her to aliens,
She dreamed through word plays,
Her language teacher’s best plays.

At the end when she looks back;
No awards and no impressive track,
But she gained a bunch of friends,
And blessings from pious tutors.

Her lessons were imprinted goodness;
No trophies to display in showcase,
But with her name, friends attach,
Honesty and love too much.

Pebbles thrown are lakes bed intact and
Her waves sometimes low and sometimes high
 but she is flowing  and flowing and flowing…


  1. She mixed fantasies with practicals...oh i think i would like to meet her..smiles

  2. Nice story ... really loved the piece :-)

  3. That just says - Simplicity, not awards, wins friends. Well written, Sreeja! :)

  4. i think she came away with the best reward of all...trophies...they collect dust and are a poor substitute for friends....

  5. Sometimes the lessons aren't learned in a classroom are they? It seems she didn't learn to much to excel academically but, she did learn how to make some very good friends. Nice write Sreeja. :)

  6. I say this is practical use of class time when being stymied by subject matter no longer means putting personal growth on hold! Makes me wonder if I allowed that creativity--so out of my control--in my classroom. Maybe half of the time--or more if I knew about it. Aliens and word plays, friends and blessings,goodness, honesty and love . . . Brilliant!

  7. Smiles...I think you got inside my brain with this one.

  8. I think imagination in the class room is always nice :) I used to picture poetry in maths equations.. Quite the fun times.. Trophies, got none.. Friends, a lot.. Memories.. that stay forever! Beautiful, Sreeja...!


  9. Sounds like what she has is wholesome enough. I like that she is in the corner of the bench, tucked away with her fantasies...flowing onward with love and honesty. :)

  10. At the end of the day friends are the ones who matter. I do believe that too, Sreeja!