Sunday, 5 August 2012

Awaken yourself

(From Writeup Cafe)

No, don’t carry her, leave her,
She is that fire within the nature
You see her as that fragile creation?
No, she is not just cells, cartilages and bones
That perishes and dithers away when you crush her
No she is not; she is dignity, vision and life itself
She is the dawn of tomorrow; no sun will ever rise without her
Wake child wake, don’t let anybody carry you
Don’t let anything carry you, you are that sparkle from haven
The very essence of ‘Prakruthi’ without which ‘Purusha’ is void
Those eyes that pierce you and those hands that violate your freedom
Are barbaric, bust without soul, brain without sense
Wake child wake, don’t let anybody carry you
Groom your soul, your inner-strength and not your figure
Drench your soul with wisdom of courage and dignity,
That you are not a commodity of trade, nor any entertainment
You are but the very essence of creation, the power of creation
That you have the Durga in yourself, to destroy evil with her fire
Wake child, wake, don’t depend and cuddle on his shoulder
Your world lies at your foot-steps, wake and fight your way
You are Durga, Ganga and Saraswathy,
You are the one who balances life, creation
Don’t perish as moths and maggots
Know that you are shakthi of shiva, know the OHM.

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  1. "Wake child wake" - powerful lines ... well done Sreeja, as always :-)

  2. A strong and powerful poem, Sreeja. It had an awakening and motivating grip within. Great work done, yet again! :)

  3. OOPH You got me, each section packs a punch with so many voices. Leave her! But Twice the carrier refuses to leave the child, and thrice another voice insists she walk on her own. By then it is clear she is a history of women and not a single entity. What has happened because she doesn't develop her own power? She loses her dignity, her very deity and balance and place in creation is skewed. With so many voices, how does she rest and what does she rise to? And it matters to ALL women and all men and every child, her choice matters. So much you give us from one little instance we may not have even noticed without this poem.

  4. I wrote you a long reverie on this which went POOF! and is gone. I will try again to express what I adore about the theme and form of "Awaken Yourself":
    The picture: a man carrying a little girl in the foreground, but rushing out of the frame on a road where no one lingers. Your words: A voice says LEAVE HER, but the man refuses TWICE insisting she is not a thing, and then a new voice insists THRICE that the girl get on her own feet and walk. It became clear to me, with the growing level of urgency (shorter phrases, crisper sounds"), that this is not one little girl, but ALL WOMEN! who, in relying on men have given up their power and their very deity. How marvelous--but I am being analytical when your poem--so much shorter than this comment--is a thing of beauty which breathes and paints pictures and beats like a heart. Get up!

    1. Thanks Susan...thanks a lot...I read your comment....I am so happy....I feel bad when i hear about girls being abused by men.....only she can help herself.....I don't know but i feel a lot of rage..leave it.... it is our dignity that keeps us above every attack. There is a lot of aspect to this. I don't feel like replying nowadays maybe I am so down with my allergy....thinking of signing off from blogging for a while. But then its like an addiction even if I am not an expert......Thank you Susan you really supported me a lot.

    2. I will be here when you get back. Please take care of yourself and keep one hand in your art!

  5. A powerful expression of an age-old vice... Good Luck for the contest!!

  6. Your words wield a power that has a profound grip on the readers’ soul. They feel the angst in your words which fuels their spirits deeply and kindles the rage within against such heinous acts. Brilliantly written!

  7. Wow, Sreeja, this is so beautiful and fulfilling. I love how you have lifted her, you've made everything possible even in heartbreaking conditions. Such a lovely acknowledgement of the feminine trinity: the one of ultimate power, the incarnation of the holy river, and the one that represents wisdom and consciousness. I love it, this is so wholesome. I don't know if you have a little girl, or boy, but if you do I'm sure this would be a beautiful mantra for them.