Monday, 17 September 2012

Dark and brown.

An array of shops slept on each side pull-
ing a lonely brownish sheet over the street.
He slowly stirred from his sleep pull-
ing the rag from his disheveled outfit,
making a move in the early morning ennui-
bitten street.
A dark line outlined the all brownish-
street’s contours and he was more brownish,
  he sat up on the step, nothing reflected
in his weary eyes, dry and blank, lips parched.
The sand road like an illusion of his lips
looked high onto sky, yearning.
He got up wearily and looked all-around:
his wrinkled face, tattered hair, thin limbs
Making deeper contours outdid the all brown tint
He walked on slowly, the road stretched carelessly
He walked on aimless as a dark spot disappearing.
Golden rays of morning slowly started its vibrant strokes.


  1. Sleeping shops are possibly the best sort?! :)

    1. better option for your pockets.....;)

  2. Dark and desolate until that last line. Hooray! The sun will come out! Great device.

  3. Wow! Lovely piece of poetry :)
    Like this prose a lot
    "The sand road like an illusion of his lips
    looked high onto sky, yearning."

  4. aha...the rays of the Sun finally banishes all the gloom. Beautiful piece, Sreeja.
    I never thought the post would end like this but then we never know how everything and anything ends ...:)You are an incredible poet! xoxo

  5. Beautiful ... your poems are so deep in thought and wonderfully rendered ... keep writing :-)

  6. I can see him, thin and alone. Am grateful for the sun!

  7. This is what happens when you don't have your morning coffee, eh?

    1. hadn't had the time for shops were open and the bus was moving so slow....:-)

  8. I will assume he is homeless, but see that the poem ends with optimism...and the golden rays of morning. An effective write, Sreeja. You tackle such a wide variety of subjects; and I appreciate that.

  9. I feel sad when I see homeless people in the street. His aimless walk is telling of his condition.

  10. This culmination that erases him is exquisitely written. Thus we ignore what we cannot deal with, distracted by sun rise. I love the brownness of this pre-dawn street, especially the two opening lines and that idea of the rhyming sheet:
    " An array of shops slept on each side pull-
    ing a lonely brownish sheet over the street."

  11. You made me feel sorry for the man. I could see this dark, cold street and the man, homeless, wandering. The only thing that saved it from the gloom was the sun starting to shine. What a great word canvas you painted.

  12. this is a wonderful capture of him..i have a huge heart for the homeless...and in noticing the cast offs of our society...i do like the end though as there is a nice turn there....

  13. I, too, have seen my share of homeless people in my country.The seeming uncaring face of the city. If only that person can see that there is so much more than that. The end of the poem shows us.