Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Gaiety visiting.

Salvador Dali's Venus and the voyager from Magpie tales.

He is with waves rubbing watery musters to his ears
every second, muses from wind and sand sieve into each other’s
soul,  where it is salted to this boundless aquatic secrets.
His soul navigating through the unfathomable intricacies
to quench the thirst, as his eyes ebbed and flowed endlessly
carrying queries  of his weary mind.
His dead serious colors
irritated the rainbow over,
Venus alighted to his cruiser, willing.
Come my voyager, move along with my moves
it’s not paradoxes and dilemmas that serve
it is a song from my sea and wind
it is the smell of this moment
the music of this beating heart
that will quench your thirst.
Flutter your eyes that’s dark
relax your nerves that’s rigid
and love what is this moment
splashes of joy is
waving around,
splendors of life in your wine glass.


  1. "splendors of life in your wine glass" - amazing !!!

  2. Ahh.. she is perhaps his savior from going mad as he sails the sea alone. Very atmospheric and somewhat darkly sensual too.
    Lovely imagery all through this Sreeja.

  3. smiles....really like the love what is this moment...and really savoring it as well....that i feel there in the end....

  4. Ah, the poem was shaped like a wine glass -- nice! I like the idea of loving what is in THIS moment and enjoying the splashes of joy that are waving around.

  5. Very nice take on the Dali image. Love the words you chose.

  6. Ah - very pretty - the sailor meets more than his match - better than navigational charts. Very beautifully phrased. k.

  7. nice...nothing better than living in the moment..enjoying love, life and that sparkling glass of joy..