Thursday, 27 September 2012

She hums her tunes.

Braided long hair tied with a twinkling silver thread
The blue long skirt with all that kalamkari spread
Silver earrings, color beaded chain and bangles
She keeps her blue bag, stylish and it dangles,
on her shoulder with brushes and pastels and a mirror,
which she looks on at intervals to make her face daintier.
Her Kolhapuri chappals treading through the paths
she prefer, humming tunes that dances on her lips.
She lives her heart and hums her tunes,
her style, her confidence and her taste,
yes she lives her heart and hums her tunes.

( Pics from Google images)


  1. Wow, I felt Mother Nature's hand in this one~
    Stunning, love the blue and the twinkling silver thread! So beautiful~ :D

  2. Oh I COVET that blue purse!!!!!!! I can see her, humming serenely.......

  3. Some people DO have their own 'style' indeed. They know what they look good in and feel comfortable in & are confident in. This is the kind of person you have described here.

  4. This is a grand poem about 'one stylish woman!' Very nice ....

  5. This is truly a beautiful confident person. I agree it truly has the feel of nature to it.

  6. she lives her heart and hums her tunes

    If fashion were really that simple...

  7. You conjure up some lovely images here.

  8. Beautiful, you created a lovely image in front of us. :)