Friday, 12 October 2012


Here is this short sweet time slot,
where I am breathing my life’s little plot;
should I smile just to please?
should I talk just to please?
when I love my silence and short words.
When I know I will never hurt you;
when I know I will run to you,
 when you are sighing all alone,
Should I flatter you like those strangers,
 who will pass by your side as you mourn?
Should I walk on the track,
When there are green pastures yonder,
touching the sky on border?
Should I take all the norms;
When I know all that I can do is,
Just love, love and love?
It is better, when I be just I;
and you be just you,
where this world garden
will shine with all unique blossom;
not from shop, but from woods.


  1. Loved it ! It is Beautiful :)

  2. Nicely penned poem....Loved the ending lines.... "It is better, when I be just I;and you be just you"

  3. "where this world garden
    will shine with all unique blossom;
    not from shop, but from woods." - This is splendid !!!

  4. "Just love, love and love." that is about it, right?

  5. aloha Sreeja - this reads like lyrics. i wonder if you are hearing it to music in your head?

    it's always very cool to be allowed to be who we are. i like that line

    "... when I be just I;
    and you be just you"


  6. Wow. No, you should not be on the path with all the rest. These rhetorical questions answer themselves with lovely images and true love.

  7. Love the understanding that being real is the best........and love the line about the "world garden". Lovely.

  8. Ohhhh, Sreeja. This is just beautiful, and reads like gorgeous song lyrics. I would love to hear it put to music. :)

  9. An ode to authenticity, and a lovely one at that. Why do we struggle with acceptance of ourselves? Strange... crazy! ;-)

  10. "I love my silence and short words."

    This fragment stands out to me...great write and I agree with Kim...good thoughts.

    Smiles and cheers to the unique blooms.

  11. I agree with Kim. Logically, each person should accept her/himself first, but we struggle with it, sometimes all our lives. You have the right idea here. We have to be ourselves, and grant others the same privilege.
    Well done.

  12. Just love love love...yes, what a wonderful way to live and live it as just being you!

  13. you should always be you! beautiful!

  14. Some thought-provoking lines in this poem, Sreeja. Do be yourself.

  15. No question .. this line just 'gets' to me ~~~ 'it is better, when I be just I; and you be just you.' For me that could also be written as a question.

  16. should we do anything just to please...or to flatter another...i think both lead to a very empty place...and that is not love...many already pointed out my fav line as well on i being i and u being u

  17. This is so good, well written and heartfelt.