Tuesday, 20 November 2012


She arrived in her crimson red flowing silk
Of dreams weaved through her tender years.
Her hopes gleamed through her golden assets
Of years of expectations and yearnings
Of her family.
She sighed;
Her eyes moist,
A big wave of ceremony
To wash her ashore across
Her sea, of a small world
With little toys to her high heels,
Remnants of dried petals beneath every page,
Mad scribbling over the walls, fading,
Her frilled frock to her ornamented shawl
Her father gifted on birthdays.
A small dairy and those large books
Her mother put on her pink table
On every occasion over past years,
Smiling faintly
At her blushed face.
Evening sun’s reddish blush of fantasies,
Morning’s blush of hopes, on her cheeks glowing.
Her eyes glowing with all nightly stars
She treasured in her bosom on lonely nights.
She arrived in crimson red flowing silk;
Blushed red, groomed fairy,
Her eyes dancing, longing
Searching her realm …


  1. every emotion, feeling associated with a bride, a woman so delicately brought out!almost felt like blessing her, May her all dreams come true!

  2. What a lovely depiction of a bride ... the emotions she goes through are perfectly portrayed !!!

  3. This is beautiful...I love weddings...all the joy and hope sparkling on the bride's face.

  4. Oh, she sounds so beautiful. Full of dreams, life and colour. Whoever she is, I wish her a lifetime of love and happiness.

  5. So beautiful, eyes full of nightly stars, the flowing red silk, the blushing cheek....you paint her so well, I can see her. Lovely.

  6. Lovely painting of the beautiful bride ~

  7. This is glorious! The tug of emotions with such beautiful thoughts :D

  8. I feel she looks at all life's arrivals that brought her here to the wedding in flowing red silk. I love that because, to me, the composure of a bride's face is often inscrutable--except perhaps to those who share the deepest love with her. Your poetry is beautiful.

  9. Nice description of a bride with all her hopes and dreams. Thanks for visiting my blog as well!

  10. I could almost visualize the bride stepping inside her new home---- riveting read, Sreeja :)